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MickTec is the new genre of business for the sales professional as well as organizations that are massively focused on revenue. With years of experience building highly scalable sales teams and sales leaders, the MickTec brand is giving organizations the visibility into their sales staff and ability to reach their velocity. We do this with a concentration on recruiting and consulting, but the main goal is driving excellence in your sales career or sales teams.

We are life agents who have created an ecosystem of like-minded professionals who understand the importance of your career, your brand and the organization you represent. You will spend more time at work than you will with your loved ones or things you love to do. Why not work with an agent who can bring that happiness to your career?

And, if you are an organization building a sales team, we’re here to help you focus on implementing the right training and coaching versus just focusing on buying more high desks and counting phone dials. Metrics are important, but they aren’t the secret sauce.

Solution Providers

MickTec was founded by two sales executives who built numerous software companies around the globe. Our executive team has fine-tuned the MickTec methodologies and training bootcamps so that we are able to provide engagements that include developing go-to- market strategy, coaching existing management teams or helping companies expand their current footprint to scale.

By implementing the PSA Method™ using the who, what, why, when and how methodology, MickTec, has helped numerous companies accelerate and exceed their sales numbers. We work with companies that look at sales as a forethought with an executive team that understands the value of skilled sales professionals.

Sales is a craft, which means it is a blend of the art and science. MickTec is the only services firm that can blend the showmanship of your salesmanship with the daily, weekly and monthly metrics needed to succeed.

We only recruit for the top tier companies in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Austin. We work from the inside out when it comes to filling the position. Meaning, we were VP’s of Sales so, when it comes to understanding culture, comp plans and the work needed to succeed, we know it.

If you are going to have a career in sales, think of yourself as an athlete. What athlete do you know that does not have an agent? If you want to crush it and get in the 1%, we are the agents for you as our goal is to put you on the right path and point your compass north.

As life agents, we focus on the sales professional who is looking for an agent approach to their job search. MickTec will not only find you the best fit today, but will also be with you for the rest of your career.



  • Robert Block
    Robert Block Talent Hunter
  • Tiger Wright
    Tiger Wright Operations
  • Bill White
    Bill White Talent Hunter
  • Caslyn Wells
    Caslyn Wells Operations Lead
  • Erik Poje
    Erik Poje The Sarge
  • Nick Fasano
    Nick Fasano Life Agent
  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns Life Agent


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